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La-Nan-Dor's Bulldogs has been loving, showing and breeding bulldogs since 1962 and is one of the oldest established Bulldog breeder's in the United States helping to make the breed what it is today.



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Originally founded in 1962 as Nan-Dor's Bulldogs by Nancy E. Darnell (Harrison), Christina V. Rumbo (Nancy's mother), and Dorothy L. Rumbo (Nancy's sister). Then, in 1967 Nancy married another bulldogger, Larry M. Harrison, so Nan-Dor's became "La-Nan-Dor's Bulldogs".

Of the four, Nancy is the only one remaining. She continues to love, breed, and occasionally show her bulldogs. Since 1975 Nancy has been an A.K.C.  approved judge of Bulldogs. She currently resides in northern Alabama.

Nancy has owned and finished a total of 12 Champions to date. She is a member of the Bulldog Club of America and a lifetime member of "The Pacific Coast Bulldog Club, Inc." 

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